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Podocyte HuBMAT

This document contains our literature mined results related to podocyte. The contents are generated using our ontology-based Human BioMolecular Atlas Text mining (HuBMAT) tool.

Note: This page is an illustrative web page for our HuBMAT tool development for CellCards.

HuBMAT on Podocyte Biomarkers

    As seen in the Podocyte Cell Card page, 4 podoctye biomarkers are identified, including:

    HuBMAT-mined sentences on the podocyte-related biomarkers:

    More to add. Stay tuned ...

References used to Extract Sentences:

Podocyte-associated gene interactions

Please check our literature mining results of "podocyte-associated gene interactions" identified using the Dignet dynamic gene interaction analysis program. More information will be provided later. Stay tuned ...

Note: This is a manually generated website. Lessons learned will be used for automatic cell card content generation. Feedback is welcome. Thanks!